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Receipt printer installation

You can install a receipt printer within the CRM Hollihop interface and print non-fiscal receipts, i.e. receipts not subject to legal requirements and regulations. In this article you may find a tutorial on how to do that.


  • KKM-server must be installed on your device (please see download and install instructions below)

  • Receipt printer and KKM-server must both be connected to the PC you’re going to use for printing receipts from CRM

  • Supported devices:

    • ESC/POS receipt printers:
      Label printers, receipt printers (without fiscal register) using ESC/POS protocol (COM, LTP ports, Windows Print Spooler)

    • Windows printer:
      Label printers, receipt printers (without fiscal register) using Windows Print Spooler

  • The application is not compatible with Windows 7 OS.

  • The KKM-server is a paid application, it requires buying a license. You can find terms of payment here:

I. KKM server Application Installation 

II. Application setup

  1. Double click KKM-server icon on your desktop, open the app and go to Settings:

    KKM Settings.png

  2. Settings window will open in your browser:

    KKM settings window.png

  3. Go to Server settings:

    Server  settings 1.png

  4. You will have to generate a server certificate. Choose it from the list and press the Generate certificate button (and confirm the generation):

    Certificate generation.png
    Certificate generation2.png

  5. Remove all of the information from the User access section, otherwise it will be in conflict with CRM data:

    User access remove.png

  6. Save settings:

    Save settings.png

  7. Go to the Device settings section and press Add device:


  8. Choose Receipt printer device type and the device protocol (for most cases it’s OPOS):


  9. Choose your printer from the printer list:


  10. Choose Print non-fiscal receipt below (1) and save settings (2):


III. Receipt template

You can download a receipt template to CRM through our Customer support, here’s a link with contacts.

You can add a simple black and white image, barcode or QR-code to your receipt template. Send us codes as links or readable numbers, make a note that it’s a code and specify a code type, e.g. QR or EAN13.

IV. Connecting KKM-server to CRM

To connect a receipt printer to the CRM through KKM server, open the CRM and go to Settings - Integrations - KKM server - Parameters, then check the Enable integration box and save:


V. Printing receipts from CRM

  1. Add a payment to CRM if you haven’t done it yet. How to add a payment (Russian).
  2. Go to any list of payments.
    a) In student’s profile page Personal Account section;
    b) In Finances - Invoices and Deposits section;
    c) In student’s lessons Payments list:


  3. Press the green button on the right of the payment and select Receipt:


Your printer must start printing the receipt.